terms & conditions

I.  Definitions

“Customer” shall be defined as the person(s) or company that subscribes to the Urban Hanger service or trial.

“Service Plan” shall be defined as any of the options for a flat-fee  or a la carte dry cleaning and laundry service posted on the Urban Hanger website under the “Our Services” tab.  Examples include, but are not limited to: Couples Plan, Premium Plan, Deluxe Plan, and Linens Plan.        

“Service” shall be defined as any and all actions performed by Urban Hanger for the Customer relating to the general mission of Urban Hanger—to provide dry cleaning & laundry services as well as repairs & alterations.            

"Dry Cleaning" in the context of "dry cleaning credits" shall be defined as a any garment that is returned on a hanger rather than folded inside one's bag.  

"Business Day” shall be defined as Monday-Friday.

“Agreement” shall be defined as the contents of this document to be interpreted and acted on in good faith by both parties.

II. Delivery Schedule: 

Urban Hanger will pick up Customer’s laundry bag at the designated drop-off location and time for Customer’s building.  Delivery of the clothing by Urban Hanger to Customer’s designated location shall occur two (2) business days after the date of pickup.  Pickup and delivery will occur each week on Monday through Friday, except on holidays that include: Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Independence Day.  Delivery days will vary per location, but may include: Monday-Wendesday-Friday & Tuesday-Thursday.  Urban Hanger shall communicate this information to Customers and property managers prior to registration.  Urban Hanger reserves the right to determine the pickup and delivery time in its sole discretion and reserves the right to cancel, change or reschedule such dates and times.  Urban Hanger shall issue email notification to the customer and the property manager alerting of said changes.

III. Pick Up and Delivery- Terms & Procedures:   

Depending on location and plan type, Urban Hanger will provide Customer with one (1) or  two (2) laundry bags containing barcode key tags and identification cards.  Urban Hanger to deliver these materials to Customer’s designated drop off point within two (2) business days following Customer’s registration for the service.  Urban Hanger reserves the right not to pick up bags that are not identified with Customer's key tags and ID cards, but may decide to pick up such bags in its sole discretion.

Customers may submit their bags a maximum of either once or twice, as specified in the terms of the plan selected.  For "flat fee" customers, Urban Hanger agrees to process Customer’s clothing for a flat fee in a manner that corresponds to the plan to which the Customer subscribes. Urban Hanger will maintain an up-to-date listing of each plan.  Urban Hanger reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change the scope and/or pricing of a given plan.  However, Urban Hanger must provide written notification to Customer at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the next billing cycle on which such changes to service are to take place.  Email shall qualify as “written notification.” 

Each service contract between Urban Hanger and Customer is strictly for the use of that Customer.  Customers may only submit their own personal laundry to Urban Hanger.   If Urban Hanger becomes aware of Customer violating this policy, Urban Hanger reserves the right to charge violators the full amount for an additional service plan at the same rate as the current subscription. Urban Hanger reserves the right, at its sole discretion, without providing explanation, to terminate service with any Customer. Urban Hanger shall notify cutosmer via email of his/her termination.  In the event termination by Urban Hanger occurs in the middle of a billing cycle, Urban Hanger will pay a pro-rated refund to Customer being terminated.

Customer agrees not to include any of the following in or attached to any item to be cleaned or inside any of Customer’s bag(s): (i) non-washable items, (ii) items that are labeled for hand-washing only, or (iii) any other item(s) not meant for laundering or dry-cleaning.  Customer shall not leave objects or items in or attached to the garments they submit, including, but not limited to; pens, inkwells, coins, and credit cards.  Customer shall be responsible for any and all damages caused directly or indirectly by actions or omissions inconsistent with this provision.  Urban Hanger is not responsible for, and shall not pay for, any loss, damage or theft of items left unattended by the customer or the front desk attendant for pickup or delivery.  


IV. Garment Care:   

Urban Hanger will use reasonable efforts to maintain a high quality of cleaning service. Urban Hanger accepts no liability for damage due to normal cleaning of items without care instructions, and accepts no liability for items treated in accordance with the care labels or other instructions provided. Urban Hanger accepts no liability for “special care” items that require special attention to be cleaned or that do not have care instructions.  Urban Hanger is not responsible for clothing bleeding, shrinking, or otherwise changing as a result of normal washing procedures.  Precautions will be taken to alleviate these problems, if possible.  Urban Hanger reserves the right to refuse to clean any garment.  Urban Hanger does not guarantee the removal of all stains.  In the case of items that were excluded from the service for which customers were charged an additional fee, Urban Hanger will re-clean items free of charge that, in its sole discretion, were not properly cleaned and have not been worn since they were cleaned.  Urban Hanger is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal or non-cleanable items left in clothing or laundry bags such as money, jewelry, or any other items.  Customer agrees not to leave such items in its clothing or laundry bags.

V. Garment Checklists: 

Electronic garment checklists for each pickup are available on the Urban Hanger website or within the Urban Hanger mobile application.  Customers are not required to fill out garment checklists prior to submitting their clothing.  Checklists are intended to help Customers keep an accurate inventory of the clothing sent for processing.  However, Customer’s checklist does not constitute an official record of items sent for processing. Urban Hanger conducts an official inventory upon receipt of each bag.  If there is a discrepancy between what is listed on any garment checklist and the actual items left in the bag, Urban Hanger reserves the right to change the checklist and, based on careful examination, make the final determination of the actual contents of bag without notice to Customer.  Customer hereby consents to any such changes. Urban Hanger does not consent to the accuracy of any garment checklist completed by Customer.

VI. Lost or Damaged Garments: 

In the rare instance that a garment is lost or damaged by Urban Hanger, Urban Hanger will issue a refund or credit for an amount in the range listed on the Urban Hanger website (Customer Service > Missing & Damaged Garments.  If Customer believes this amount undervalues the replacement cost of said garment, Customer can contact Urban Hanger to request additional compensation. Urban Hanger may, at its sole discretion, accept or deny such requests for additional compensation.  Urban Hanger is not liable for any preexisting damage to garments.  If Urban Hanger or its affiliated parties find any preexisting damage or have concern about color-fastness or the age or weakness of the fabric, an associate will contact Customer to obtain approval before proceeding to care for the item.  If Urban Hanger is unable to obtain authorization in a timely manner, then Urban Hanger may return the item without cleaning it.  Urban Hanger is also not liable for any damage caused by Customer placing clothing into laundry bags.

Any damaged or missing items must be reported within three (3) business days of the scheduled delivery of the item(s).  A failure to do so constitutes a waiver of a claim for any missing or damaged items from that delivery. If Customer believes that Urban Hanger is in possession of an item, but Urban Hanger has no record of its pickup, Customer shall inform Urban Hanger immediately so that Urban Hanger can start an investigation and Customer can search his/her premise.  If, after fourteen (14) days, the item has not been found, Urban Hanger may, at its sole discretion, compensate Customer for the loss of the item in accordance with the procedures and values outlined above.

VII. Use of Third Party Service Providers:   

Urban Hanger or its associates will deliver Customer’s items to and from a cleaning facility of Urban Hanger’s choice.  Urban Hanger reserves the right to utilize any outsourcer, vendor, or outside service provider in its sole discretion, without notice to Customer.  Urban Hanger disclaims all responsibility for any and all acts or omissions of its vendors, third party outsourcers, or service providers.   Although Urban Hanger is not liable for damage to or loss of clothing due to the fault of the third party cleaners or service providers, Urban Hanger may, at its sole discretion, reimburse Customer for lost or damaged clothing in an amount to be determined by Urban Hanger and referenced in the “Loss or Damage” section of this agreement.

VIII. Payment: 

Upon registration, Customer is required to enter his/her credit card information.  Urban Hanger will charge Customer’s credit card an amount commensurate with what is advertised on the Urban Hanger website for the plan to which the Customer subscribes. Urban Hanger may authorize and charge when applicable the Customer's card immediately upon sign up. In the event of any trial periods or promotions, Urban Hanger will charge the Customer’s card on file the regular price for the service on the calendar day immediately following the expiration of said promotion. This charge constitutes a payment in advance for the next period of service for the Customer. Period can include, but is not limited to a month or series of months, year, semester, or academic school year, which will be clearly defined in the plan selection portion of registration. Unless otherwise specified, Urban Hanger’s service is auto-renewed each period until service is terminated in writing by the customer. Urban Hanger may, at its sole discretion offer discounted promotions and trials. Customer will be charged a pre-agreed amount during these promotions and then be automatically enrolled at the full price of selected service once the promotional period expires. 

In addition to the subscription fee, Urban Hanger offers cleaning, repair, and alteration services at an additional charge. Urban Hanger agrees to post a clear list for repairs and alterations on its website. If Customer exceeds his or her monthly allotment or dry cleaning in dollars or laundry in lbs as defined by the Plan selected, Urban Hanger will charge a per piece rate for this overages to the Customer’s credit card on file on the last day of the Customer’s cycle in which the overages occur. The alottment for dry cleaning and laundry is not transferable, cannot be redeemed for cash, and does not carry forward to future periods. The credit expires each week or month as specified in the plan. If a credit card on file is denied, Urban Hanger will notify the customer via email. Any account not paid within seven (7) calendar days following email notification will be subject to an automatic $25 late fee charged to Customer’s account. Urban Hanger reserves the right to terminate and deny future service, at its sole discretion, to Customers who repeatedly demonstrate an inability to follow proper payment guidelines.

IX. Trial Policy:

Urban Hanger may offer an introductory trial rate to new Customers.  A “New Customer” is defined as one who has never previously subscribed or entered into a trail for any Urban Hanger service.  In accordance with this definition, each Customer is limited to one (1) trial period.  Length and terms of this trial shall be determined at the sole discretion of Urban Hanger and communicated to Customer.  Trials and promotions are limited to one per address.   The allotment of dry cleaning (hanged & pressed garments) during a given trial need not correspond to the full amount given in the full period of normal service.  For example: if a trial last 14 days for the Deluxe Plan with offers $120 per month worth of dry cleaning credits, the trial may include an amount less than that $120.  Urban Hanger reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to determine the value of credits allotted per trial.  This account information will be made available online to customer immediately following registration in the "account" section when signing into the Urban Hanger website.  In the event Customer cancels service with Urban Hanger and then at a later date or time would like to resume service, Customer is not entitled to promotional trial pricing advertised on the Urban Hanger website or marketing materials.  Likewise, if Customer changes locations from one Urban Hanger drop-off spot to another, Customer is not entitled to an additional trial period upon registering at the new location.  Urban Hanger may, at its sole discretion, offer promotions to said Customers, but is not obligated, regardless of any advertisements on its websites and other promotional materials, as said advertisements apply to “New Customers” only.  Once the trial expires, Customers who do not wish to resume using the Urban Hanger service are required to cancel service online in the "my account" section or submit a written cancellation request (email is sufficient).  Customers who do not wish to continue after the trial expires are required to submit cancellation request no later than the day the trial expires.  Additional details on cancellation policies and procedures are found in the Section X of this document.

X. Cancellation Policy:

Customers interested in canceling their subscription are required to select "cancel membership" in the "account" section of the Urban Hanger website.  Alternatively, they may alert Urban Hanger via email  (cancellations@urbanhangerlaundry.com) no later than the last day of their current service period.  Customers without access to internet may call Urban Hanger at 410-878-2180.  If an Urban Hanger representative is unavailable or this call is received after business hours, Customers are required to leave a message clearly communicating his/her full name, location, and desire to cancel.  Failure to follow proper cancellation procedures could result in Customer being charged the full amount for the next billing cycle. Urban Hanger does not issue prorated refunds for cancellations, therefore, if Customer terminates service mid-cycle, Customer is free to continue using the service until the end of the cycle.

All Customers are required within seven (7) calendar days following the end of the cycle in which cancellation occurs to return their Urban Hanger issued laundry bag(s), barcode tag(s), ID card(s), and locker key(s) (when applicable). Customers who fail to return said items may be subject to the following fines: (i) Laundry Bag- $15/bag, (ii) Barcode Tags- $10/tag, (iii) Locker Keys- $25/key. All fees will be charged to Customer’s credit card on file at Urban Hanger.  The procedure for returning these items is as follows: Please place one Urban Hanger issued bag (with barcode key tag attached) inside the other Urban Hanger issued bag (with key tag attached) and deliver to designated pick-up / delivery location within your building. 

XI. Termination:

In the event that there are any unpaid service fees, and Urban Hanger has been unable to collect said fees via Customer’s credit card, Urban Hanger may terminate this Agreement immediately upon notice and may initiate legal proceedings against Customer for the full amount due for the entire term and collect reasonable attorney's fees and costs. Interest will accrue on any unpaid balance at 5% per month.

Urban Hanger reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate service at any time without prior notice.  Urban Hanger shall communicate termination in writing via email. Upon termination, Urban Hanger shall return all of Customer’s garments in its possession to Customer; Customer shall return all laundry bags, key tags, and keys (when applicable) following the procedures outlined in Section X of this document.   Both parties shall settle all outstanding liabilities & payments within fourteen (14) calendar days.

XII. Transferability: 

Urban Hanger retains the right to assign, either by operation of law or otherwise, delegate, sell, lease, or transfer in whole or in part, this Agreement.   Customer, however, may not transfer this agreement to another party.

XIII. Disclaimer:   

Urban Hanger's liability under this agreement shall be limited to general money damages in an amount not to exceed the annual charges for the term of service paid by Customer in the term under which the damages are alleged to have occurred. The preceding statement of liability shall be the extent of Urban Hanger's liability regardless of the form in which any legal or equitable action may be brought and the foregoing shall constitute Customer's exclusive remedy. In no event will Urban Hanger be held liable or be responsible for any consequential, special, indirect, incidental, or punitive loss or damages whether or not Urban Hanger knew or should have known of the likelihood of any loss or damages. Urban Hanger disclaims all warranties expressed or implied with respect to the services rendered under this agreement.

XIV. Venue & Choice of Law:   

Any suit involving any dispute arising between Urban Hanger and Customer may only be brought in any Maryland State Court having jurisdiction over the subject matter of the dispute.  Urban Hanger and Customer hereby irrevocably consent to exercise personal jurisdiction and venue by any such court with respect to any such proceeding.  These terms of service and the relationship between the parties shall be interpreted, construed, and governed according to the internal laws of the State of Maryland, without reference to its choice of law rules.

XV. Entire Contract:

This Agreement sets for the entire Agreement between the parties and supersedes any prior agreements, understandings, statements or representations.

XVI. Amendment:

This Agreement may be amended by Urban Hanger without notice to, or consent of, Customer.  Except as otherwise provided for in this Agreement, Urban Hanger retains the right to amend this Agreement, and any attachments or addenda, by making a good faith effort to provide notice to Customer fourteen (14) days in advance of the effective date of the amendment.  If Customer decides not to accept the amendment, Customer has the right to terminate this Agreement in accordance with Section X.   Failure of Customer to provide such notice to Urban Hanger within the time frames described herein will constitute acceptance of the amendment by Customer. 

XVII. Waiver:

Neither the waiver by either of the parties of a breach or a default of any of the provisions of this Agreement, nor the failure of either of the parties, on one or more occasion, to enforce any of the provisions of this Agreement, shall thereafter be construed as a waiver of any subsequent breach or default of any of the provisions of this Agreement.

XVIII. Force Majeure:

Neither party shall be deemed to be in violation of this Agreement if such party is prevented from performing any of its obligations hereunder for any reason beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation, acts of God, acts of any public enemy, floods, statutory or other laws, regulations, rules, or orders of the federal, state, or local government or any agency thereof.

XIX. Notice:

Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, any notice required to be given under this Agreement may be made by any one of the following: (a) via email (contact@urbanhangerlaundry.com or cancellations@urbanhangerlaundry.com), (b) in writing and sent by mail; postage prepaid to the address below; or (c) personally delivered by mail or reputable overnight carrier to the appropriate address below. The notice shall be effective on the date indicated on the email, postage or delivery invoice or receipt.


To the Company:       Urban Hanger
Address:                      1614 Shakespeare Street
                                       Baltimore, Maryland 21231

XX. Severability:

In case any one or more of the provisions of this Agreement shall be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any respect, the remaining provisions shall be construed liberally in order to effectuate the purposes hereof, and the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.  If one or more provisions of the Agreement are invalid, illegal or unenforceable and an amendment to the Agreement is necessary to maintain its integrity, the parties shall make their best efforts to negotiate an amendment to this Agreement and any attachments or addenda to this Agreement, which could reasonably be construed not to contravene such statute, regulation, or interpretation.  In addition, if such invalid, unenforceable or materially affected provision(s) may be severed from this Agreement and/or attachments or addenda to this Agreement without materially affecting the parties' intent when this Agreement was executed, then such provision(s) shall be severed rather than terminating the Agreement or any attachments or addenda to this Agreement.

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