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Q: What service does Urban Hanger provide?

 A: Urban Hanger offers delivery of full-service laundry and dry-cleaning to residential buildings, office buildings and student housing complexes.  Our model is simple: You fill the bag and we clean it! Unlike other cleaners who typically charge a la carte, we offer a monthly subscription that allows you, with generous limitations, to fill your bag up to twice per week depending on which plan you select.   We offer three individual packages: one that includes laundry and dry-cleaning, another that includes comforters, towels, and sheets, and a third that includes a combination of the previous two. We also offer a "Couples Package" that includes the cleaning of laundry, dry-cleaning, and linens to be shared among two people.  Not interested in wash & fold service? No problem. We offer several dry cleaning only plans that offer a great value.  For those customers who would rather pay a la carte, we do that as well.  For more information, please visit "Our Services". 

Q: When does service start? 

A: As soon as you receive your bag, you are free to begin using the service. 

 Q: How do I get my Urban Hanger-provided laundry bag?

A: Once you register for the service, Urban Hanger will deliver the bag to a designated drop-off point in your building.   Visit the “ Locations ” tab and click on your building for more information on where to retrieve your bag.   In some buildings, there may be bags already there with blank name cards.  Ask management in your building if this is the case.  

  Q: If I was given 2 bags when I signed up, can I send both bags at the same time?

 A: No. We request that you only send one bag at a time. Those who not follow this protocol will be warned for the first offense and then charged a $50 fee per violation thereafter.

Q: Where is my pick-up / delivery location?

A: This varies per building.  Please visit the “ Locations ” tab and click on your building for more information on your specific pick-up / delivery location.

Q: Are there any limitations during the trial?

 A: No.  The trial is exactly like the service.  Each plan allows for a certain amount of dry cleaning per month. Just like with the regular service, if you exceed your monthly allotment during your trial, you will be charged at the end of your trial for all of your overages. The rate used for those excess garments is the same that is applied normally. Please visit the Prlce List section of our website for more details on our standard rates.  

Q: What if my roommate, spouse, child, friend, etc. would like to share the service with me?

 A: For our plans that include dry cleaning and laundry, we offer a "Couples Plan"  which can be shared between 2 people. This plan includes all of the features of the Premium Plan. All other service plans that include laundry are intended to be per person, not per household. Those customers found to be in violation of this policy will be charged the full rate for an additional service plan.  Dry cleaning only plans may be shared by up to 2 people.   

 Q: What if I have special laundry needs or requests?

 A: Please email us either through the “Customer Service ” tab or at and alert us of your request.  If this request pertains to a specific garment, feel free to place this garment in a plastic shopping bag with a note explaining your request. Place this bag into your urban hanger laundry bag. We will do our best to accommodate you. 

 Q: Do I have to separate my lights and darks or laundry and dry cleaning before submitting my bag?

A: No! You simply fill the bag. We take care of the rest!


Q: How much clothing can I fit into an urban hanger bag? 

A: Our bags can hold approximately 20 lbs. 


Q: What is 20 lbs. worth of laundry? 

A: This is approximately 2 weeks worth of laundry for the average individual.  

Q: What if I have private or delicate items that I would rather not mix with the rest of the clothing in my bag?
A: We take your personal privacy very seriously. As such, we offer Lingerie Wash Bags for a one-time fee of $5 for those seeking additional privacy. We ask that you place this mesh bag inside your Urban Hanger laundry bag. Upon receiving Lingerie Wash Bags, we will place the entire bag and all of its contents into our washing machines, without ever handling any of the individual garments contained in this bag. Those interested in purchasing a Lingerie Wash Bag should email us at 

Q: Am I required to fill out the “Garment Checklist” each time I drop-off my bag?
A: No. We take an inventory of all of your garments each time we process your bag. However, to help you keep track of what you are sending and to help avoid confusion in the event you believe an item was misplaced, we recommend that you fill out the checklist. It is not, however, required. 

Q: What happens if I leave something in my pockets?
A: We, unfortunately, cannot make a guarantee that all items left in pockets will be successfully retrieved.  We will, however, make our best effort to identify such instances before a garment is processed.  If we are able to retrieve your valuables, we will place them in an envelope and return them with your clean clothing. To improve the chances of recovering these items, we ask that you contact us as soon as you realize something was left in your pockets. 

Q: What if I am allergic to your laundry detergent?
A:  Please advise us immediately if you are having an allergic reaction to our detergent. We will look into an alternate procedure with different detergent for your clothing.


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