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Q: How does the locker system work?
A: For those buildings that do not have 24/7 on-site management, the locker system is used so that as the customer, you have fulltime access to your clothing.  The system is simple: You are assigned a locker number and given a key.  You are the only person in your building with access to this locker.  Place your dirty laundry bag in your locker and our delivery representative will retrieve it during normally scheduled hours.  Two business days later, our delivery representative will return your clean bag to your locker and place all your hanging items on the rod located inside the locker.  Your bag will have a paper tab on it that says “clean.”  This is to prevent us from accidentally taking your clean bag if you decide to leave your bag in your locker for several days.  Please remove this tab before sending your next bundle of laundry.

Q: What happens if I lose my locker key?
A: Email us at  We will have a new key made and deliver it as soon as possible    There is a $25 replacement fee for lost keys.  

Q: What happens if my locker is jammed or is not working properly?
A: Call us at 410-878-2180 or email us at We will send a repair person to fix the problem.   

Q: Can I store other things besides my laundry bag in my locker?
A: We kindly ask that refrain from storing anything else in your laundry locker. Thanks for your cooperation.  

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