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  Blouse $5
  Men's Shirt (box) [by request only] $3
  Men's shirt (hanging) [standard] $2
  Polo or Sport Shirt $5
  Sweater $5
  Tuxedo Shirt $3
  Women's Shirt or Blouse $5
Pants & Skirts  
  Regular Pants $5
  Plain Skirt $5
Formal Wear  
  Blazer $8
  Sport Coat $10
  Dress- 1 PC $10
  Dress- Formal $20
  Suit- 2 PC $10
  Necktie $4
  Lab Coat $10
  Rain Coat $15
  Top Coat $18

NOTE: Above prices are for "standard" garments.  Additional charges may apply for items that require special care.  Urban Hanger also reserves the right not to clean garments if we determine the garment is not safe to be cleaned or requires special procedures not included in the scope of our services.  Our goal is customer satisfaction, so we will aim to clean as many items as possible. 

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