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Q: What if I lose or damage my bag?
A: Visit the “ Customer Support ” tab and fill out the form to alert us.  We will send a new bag within two business days. There is a $15 bag replacement fee. If, however, the damage was caused by our service, there will of course be no charge for the replacement. 

Q: What happens if one of my items is missing?
A: Visit the “ Customer Support” section of our website and fill out the “Missing Garment” form.  Please provide as much detail as possible. We will then search for the item(s) in question and respond as soon as possible with a resolution.  If we cannot locate your garment(s) in a reasonable period of time, we will issue you our standard refund for each article that was lost.  Please visit the “Missing Garment” form for more details on our refund policy. 

Q: What if I accidentally receive a garment that is not mine?
A: Please fill out the “Missing Garment” form. Under “Claim Type,” please select “someone else’s.”  We ask that you leave the garment at the front desk (when applicable) or send it with your next load of laundry in a plastic bag along with a brief note.  If you have any additional questions, please email us at

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